#NEWGLOBALMATRIARCHY > Bedtime Stories of White Supremacy

The Goddesses are back, and they’re not happy. They find themselves in a world that has forgotten them. Forgotten the radical abundance of women, forgotten our fierce, warrior insides, forgotten that we are the caretakers of life and death. They’re back, ready to fuck shit up, ready to take pride in the limitations of their human form: eager for sex, money, decadence, violence, love, community, and power. They will raze the earth with the righteous fire of their anger and build a new one from the ruins. They are here to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: the earth, sexual agency, love, queer desire, justice. They are here to fuck and fight and establish the new global matriarchy: a culture of abundance, radical justice, and balance.

Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and abundance will hold a storytelling session. She will put White Supremacy to bed. She will remind women and men of the old stories: how Durga saved the world and all the gods by slaying the Buffalo Demon and Parvati gave birth to all life and invented the first song. She will tell the new stories too: how the goddess slays the #basic whiteboys, with their sanctimonious pseudo-liberal affectations. She is here to decolonize the western mind, which means first and foremost to confront white-male pathology: the fear of the empowered other. For hundreds of years, freedom for white men has depended on the oppression of all others. They cannot imagine freedom without oppression. The goddess will queer their imaginations, she will teach them to love that fear, to stare it in the face and get hard, to learn to imagine a world beyond dichotomies, a world outside, #postwhite #postpatriarchy

Lakshmi is joined by the ladies of FEMelanin in this project, offering their women of color brilliance, stories, bodies, and movement.

Please click here for a downloadable performance document of the project.