#NEWGLOBALMATRIARCHY > Bedtime Stories of White Supremacy

FEMelanin performers guard the doorway
Production Photo- Devis at the door
Digital Image


Doors open, “guards” stand watch outside. Every time a white man tries to enter, he is pulled aside and interrogated:

What's your name?
Who are you with? Can they vouch for you?
Why are you here?
Can I see some ID, please?
What's your occupation?
Where were you born? Are you sure?
What is in your pockets?
You're going to need to submit to a pat-down.
Step over here, please.
Wait, please.

Inside: Lakshmi sits on her throne with her pet whiteboy at her feet. She is motionless, like a statue, waiting to be awakened.

Other “guards” direct audience members on where to sit