#NEWGLOBALMATRIARCHY > #NGM Performance and Poetry Circle

If art is the liminal space where fantasy touches reality, #NEWGLOBALMATRIARCHY demands that this space be utilized to free oppressed people. The Poetry & Performance Circle manifests space for women, queer, trans, and non-binary artists, writers, and performers of color to share their most radical, boundary defying, celebratory, challenging work without the need to “translate” their practices into the language of the dominant culture. Collaborators in this work approach art making (or music, writing, performing) as a form of survival, a way to make place in the world for their most authentic selves and to build community through the act of creation. To paraphrase the Combahee River Collective, when black queer women are free, we will all be free. What does this future look like? Smell like? What new possibilities does it open? Who are you with in this future? How might we model that future in the present? Participants are invited to present poems, short stories, essays, songs, dances, or performative gestures that explore these questions.