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Cyborg Divinations
Performance and Installation, 2020
Scarlett Kim and Maya Mackrandilal

Together, we ask the question: how do we survive at the end of the world? Within the collapse of that question we see an unveiling of the cyborg-chimera, a being who is the confusion of human and machine and animal and plant - perhaps a monster, perhaps a goddess. What springs forth from this new (old?) body is a vision of interconnectedness, the idea that the body singular is an illusion, is simply a point on a network of bodies, a macro-organism that extends through our ancestors to the beginning of time and through our descendants to the end.

What if we could manifest technologies to embody this vision? What new monstrous appendages would grow from us? What could they unveil that has been hidden? What new memories would surface? What new futures would become possible? This project is a public rehearsal for our new bodies and selves imagined through modes of togetherness, multiplicity, and timelessness. As the performers activate sculptural objects as surrogates and extensions of their physical bodies, they invite the audience to envision alternatives to a single, essential, and cohesive self.

Photo documentation by Irina Logra