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Circular sculpture installed on a concrete floor with various elements that can be rearranged.
Lunar Mandala
Welded steel ring coated in shellac and red pigment, cast bronze calabash, palm frond fragment, textiles, fabric flowers, dried plant material, foam, beads, textile embellishments, ceramic objects, acrylic paint, Flashe paint, glue
3 x 105 x 105 inches

This piece adapts the traditional South Asian folk-art of rangoli, an ephemeral floor drawing created with colored sand, rice, or flour. These drawings are created my women during religious festivals and reflect local tradition as well as individual or family motifs. This “drawing” is created with more permanent materials but maintains the ephemerality of rangoli by being intuitively rearranged throughout the duration of its exhibition, following the cycles of the moon. This image depicts a waxing crescent moon composition.