Artwork > Sacred Geometry

Wall mounted sculpture using the mandorla shape (almond shape) with an inner, dense element of assemblage and an outer element of chicken wire woven with fabric creating shadow patterns on the wall behind.
canvas, acrylic paint, fabric dye, spray paint, chicken wire, beads, found objects, embroidery thread, spray foam, found textiles, yarn, poly-fill, glue.
60" x 38" x 7"

Created in collaboration with NY based painter Rashida Abuwala. Rashida created a painting using an updated version of a traditional South Asian dyeing technique called "bandhani" (to bind), where she uses acrylic paint on raw canvas to create abstract, brightly colored fields. She mailed this painting to me and I transformed it into a wall sculpture, which was mailed back to her for installation with painted elements. The piece explores the concept of binding in relation to women's lives and women's work, a way to create a connection between our disparate histories and experiences as women of the South Asian diaspora. Created for the exhibition "Encounters" at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning and sponsored by the South Asian Women's Creative Collective.