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Demerara Mandora - a wall mounted assemblage sculpture in an almond shape with radiating rays of reclaimed wood, brightly colored and highly textured.
Demerara Mandorla
Steel (rusted with added red pigment and sealed with acrylic spray), jute rice sack, carved and painted calabash (gourd), chicken wire, wood, foam, spray paint, acrylic paint, Flashe paint, textiles, beads, flowers, steel screws, glue
54 x 39 x 9 inches

The mandorla is a sacred shape that appears in both eastern and western art – symbolizing the union of opposites, the overlapping of two spheres (often Heaven and Earth). The piece weaves together my disparate histories as a child of diaspora, histories of my Indo-Caribbean ancestors which includes West African slavery, South and East Asian indentured labor, colonialism, neocolonialism, trauma, and survival. Demerara refers to the region of South America where my mother is from (Guyana) and the type of sugar (Demerara Gold) that was grown on the plantations that my ancestors were transported to the region to work on. The paint on the wood matches the color of some exterior walls on our family’s rice farm, and the rusted steel, chicken wire, and jute rice sack reference the farm as well.