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Circular wall sculpture, a deep black disk surrounded by radiating chicken wire woven with fabric and assemblage elements surrounding the inner black disk with brightly colored fabric flowers, beads, and ceramic objects
Bindu (Corona) - Work in Progress Shot
plywood, primer, black acrylic paint (Black III), chicken wire, gold spray paint, textiles, steel, epoxy clay, fabric flowers, plastic foliage, beads, hand-sculpted ceramic objects with glaze and acrylic paint.
60 x 60 x 5 inches

This image is a work in progress shot and not the final piece. Bindu – the seed of the universe, the center of the mandala, the point from which all creation becomes manifest. It is a kind of portal, a black hole piercing the fabric of reality, we only know it from its event horizon, from the effect it has on the world, but its nature is beyond our perception.