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ANTI/body #9 (Kalifia as Libertas)
ANTI/body #9 (Kalifia as Libertas)
Mixed media (found objects, spray paint, Flashe paint, wire, pvc pipe, steel flange, epoxy clay, wood)
26 x 14 x 12 inches

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For the MexiCali Biennial's 2018 show CALAFIA: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise, I created this sculpture inspired by Calafia, a character from a European romance whose name serves as the basis for California. The story introduces Calafia as a black woman and ruler of California, a mythical island inhabited only by women off the coast of India near the "terrestrial paradise." Referencing that the Statue of Liberty was originally modeled after a black woman, the sculpture is a collision of Calafia, Liberty, and the goddess Kali.